The 8 things you should take with you in every flight

Most of the times when you are flying inside a plane you may think that inside there’s pretty much everything that you may need to make your flight as comfortable as possible…. But what if there wasn’t? It’s not if as you can go outside the plane and just buy it.

Here’s a list of things I suggest to take with you to avoid an unpleasant trip.


Rather if it’s a long or short flight, the reality is that airplane seats are not really that comfortable (specially in a full flight).  So why not buy your own travel blanket and pillow?

Because the truth is usually in long flights blankets and  pillows are included (depending which airline), but in short flights do not expect it.

If traveling is something that you think you will do quite often, it is good considering having these handy.


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United snack bag we got for “free”, but it was a 14 hours flight. Always bring some snacks with you just to be sure.


In case you don’t know, foods in airplanes are counted per passenger, so if you are extra hungry most likely you would only eat what you are given and have to wait several hours for the next food service.

Why starve? Bring some snacks (pretzels, cookies, peanuts, etc.) to calm your appetite, for example, Ale prefers Pistachios because breaking their shells distracts her from her flight anxiety. These way you avoid any belly ache or having to spend money in snacks inside the plane that cost 3x more than in an average store.


Did you know that the air in an airplane cabin is substantially drier than an average room? No wonder why people get easily dehydrated inside an airplane.

Disposable water glasses in airplanes tend to be pretty small in size, not giving you enough water for you to stay hydrated all the flight. So why not buying a portable water bottle for more quantity? in that way you can have more water handy the whole flight. Besides, you’re saving your planet by using less disposable glasses.

Tip: If in your flight, water has a cost, just fill it out from a water fountain before boarding.


Another symptom when flying for many hours in a dry cabin are your lips being cracked. You will feel a burning sensation and it is quite annoying as well. That’s why try to always bring with you a lip balm in your bag, plus a moisturizing cream since the dry air affects your skin too..


Not a tea lover? Well you should be. Chamomile tea is a natural relaxing sleep aid. It helps when you feel anxious or if you simply want to rest. If you hate turbulence, this is the perfect remedy.


Tip: If you want extra relaxation, make sure that your tea is caffeine free. You can bring tea with you too, we prefer the brand “Celestial Seasonings“, you could try “Sleepy time“, from this brand too, it has a combination of Chamomile, Spearmint and Lemongrass .


Trying to sleep? Sleeping sounds impossible when there’s a baby crying and the passenger right besides you snoring. Ear plugs will do the job. You will see they come in different shapes and sizes, but don’t worry, just buy the one that suites better for you. They’re inexpensive and easy to get.


Rise and shine, breakfast has arrived! Says the flight attendant who turns the lights on with penetrating beams that interrupts your sleep for the rest of the flight. If you are trying to sleep in the flight rather than eating or watching movies, then you should buy a sleep mask.

8. PEN

I think one of the most frustrating moments is when you need to fill out your migration form and no one has a pen. In some airports they expect passengers with their forms already filled out (inside the plane), so you won’t see tables full of forms and pens to fill it out. And things get worse when there’s not even a store available where you can buy a pen, so always carry one with you.

Some things that may sound basic, may be one of the hardest things to get. So like all good traveller, consider this list as a “must to bring in a plane”. Make your flight a dreamy flight, not a nightmare.

Some flights are not the most comfortable ones, but you can always make new friends and enjoy the moment


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