If you are a beer fanatic, this stop is a must on your way to Boston.

But first, giving a small introduction of this historical city, it became part of the 13 colonies that founded the United States of America, meaning that there’s lots of history behind it. From the Salem witch Trial, Boston Red Sox, and most important, the origin of Boston Lager.

This beer is only produced in Boston and its brand name was chosen in honor of Founding Father and American Patriot, Samuel Adams. Their beer has won tons of medal awards as the best in United States for many years, and it is recognized internationally as well.

Well, enough of history, lets talk about what’s important. So as you read in the title, The brewery gives away free beers. Is it a joke? No it’s not. Although It’s hard to imagine, it’s 100% truth (not even I believed it). Reason why I had to go myself to find it out.

So right there in the entrance there’s someone who receives the people for the tour (very friendly people by the way) and explains how everything works. There’s only one requirement that everyone has to have handy when you come. Is it money? No! IT’S YOUR ID!

Uly at brewery
It just took me 20 minutes from the airport to get to Samuel Adams Brewery for the beer tour.

So if you come from far away to enjoy a beer tour and don’t have it handy (without mattering how obvious is your visible grey hair) you won’t be able to drink… As simple as that.

Tip: As a tourist you can use your own country’s ID, it doesn’t have to be your passport.

But besides your ID, that’s pretty much it. So meanwhile you just wait in the entrance until the “tour guy” approaches and call everyone for the tour

For more information about the Brewery’s schedule, to assure it’s open they day you go,  enter at

You are offered Barley grains to eat, the same grains used to produce beers.

When the tour starts he explains that it is a free tour with FREE BEER tasting, in the end of it. It is also important to mention that the brewery helps its community and other associations by gathering donations from people who come to the tour. It is totally voluntary so if you feel like helping others, don’t hesitate on sparing some change to them.

So lets start the tour! The tour guy explains about its history and who is Samuel Adams, and then he passes to each one of the spectators several jars full of grains that are used for producing their beer. They even allow you to eat it, how cool is that!

Then after that he leads us to the area where the beer magic happens. He explains the whole chemical process and even allow us to take pictures.

Then finally we are all taken for beer tasting.

beer taste
The Beer tasting inside the tour includes drinking three different types of beers that are served in pitchers.

What’s interesting about this final part of the tour is he teaches us how to appreciate a good beer and gives some tips for proof testing its quality. Besides that, we get to drink the finest beer you can taste from the brewery. And why the finest? Well there’s nothing more delicious than drinking fresh draft beer taken directly from the brewery where its made.

May be some of you thought making beer was just about cooking some crazy yeast , well you are wrong. There’s lots of science behind it and history as well. You’ll realize that entering to Samuel Adams Brewery will make you want to be a loyal Boston Lager drinker for life.

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