Planning to visit Rio de Janeiro? This is the best way to get to Corcovado

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Rio de Janeiro? Like most people we think about sunny beaches, carnaval, and delicious Caipirinhas, but what really represents proudly Rio is located at the summit of mount Corcovado above 2,300 feet as a colossal statue of Jesus Christ, better known as “Christ the Redeemer” (Portuguese: Cristo Redentor).

This monument is one of the most visited around the world with an approximate of 300,000 visitors per year. Not visiting “Cristo Redentor” is almost like saying you’ve never visited Rio de Janeiro, but the good news is there’s always a way to get there. Lets us explain how we did it, and what are other options you may choose when traveling to Rio.

First things first, there are a few points you need to consider when getting there:

Look at the sky

We can assure you that before taking a shower or even brushing our teeth, we opened the window shades. The true fact about visiting “Cristo Redentor” is that it is located in a high mount and the statue is huge as well… So if you encounter with a cloudy day and the weather forecast does not indicate anything better, believe us your pictures won’t be appreciated at all since the clouds will cover the whole monument.

Tip: People will always suggest to come to Rio de Janeiro at summer since rainy season is obviously rainy and cloudy, but if you have no choice don’t lose your faith and wait in a centrally located area like Ipanema or Copacabana because there’s always hope that clouds may move. Check weather forecast movement from hour to hour and watch the clouds to see how it goes. Another way to look at the weather in “real time” is checking out Instagram… look for the hashtag #RioDeJaneiro or #Corcovado and we assure you’ll see some updates of people at Rio that will give you a real idea of how is the weather at that time.

Check Instagram for weather
Wondering how is the weather? Look for some hashtags related to the city you are in, or planning to visit. It’s a simple way to find out about it.

Going cheap is totally worth it

Most people that stay in hostels or hotels are offered deals with taxi drivers that take you to several places (including Cristo Redentor) during the whole day. Sounds great when you are short in time and probably won’t come back to Rio de Janeiro nevermore, but the thing is you would have to pay more than $100.00USD and if you’re on your own sounds like a lot of money to pay although it may look like the best option.
But if you compare taking a public bus while enjoying the view and interacting like a local for only R/. 3.50 (less than $1USD) and the direct bus to the monument that includes roundtrip plus ticket to enter to see the monument for only R/.51.00 ($12 USD),We are talking about less than $15!. This prices are based on the low season, prices on the high season go up to R/.62.00.

We share you how to do it:

Step by step guide on the best way to get to Christ The Redeemer
Step by step guide on the best way to get to Christ The Redeemer

Selfie battle!

Imagine you’re right now at the top of this colossal figure and it’s time to take the best pic of all. Did I remind you that annually more than 300,000 people visit this monument? What’s funny is everybody is thrilled and wants a piece of this, so be prepared with your cameras and get some space for that epic picture.

Picture courtesy of our friend, Carlos Rodriguez (@carloserodrod on Instagram)
This is what we call “a selfie battle”, be prepared for it! Picture courtesy of our friend, Carlos Rodriguez (@carloserodrod on Instagram)

Traffic makes everything look far!

Like in every big city, traffic jam is one of the most common things you’ll find, specially in Rio de Janeiro. So what’s important is trying not to go too early because then you will face traffic on your way, and when coming back to your hostel/hotel if you’re not centrally located, try to leave at least 2 hours before rush hour (typical rush hour at Rio in the afternoon is from 4pm to approximately 7pm).

In a lot of countries, to rent a car is the easiest way to move around the city, Rio is not the case. Renting a car is quite expensive and finding parkings is not easy and may have a cost. Think twice before making this decision.

We were lucky to finish our trip to Cristo Corcovado before getting stuck at traffic
We were lucky to finish our trip to Cristo Corcovado before getting stuck at traffic

Brazilians are very tourist friendly

Don’t know where to stop at the bus stop? You feel kind of lost? Do not hesitate in asking the bus driver (“Motorista” in portuguese). People in Brazil are very friendly and have a lot of willingness to help without expecting anything back. You may encounter a bit of a problem with the language, so if you can review some basic phrases, that would help a lot.

Here’s a little script on how to ask where your bus stop is: “Motorista, pode indicar-me quando chegamos na Praça Lido?” (Driver, could you point at me when we get to Plaza Lido?)?

Riding the bus at Rio shouldn't be trouble if you don't speak portuguese
Riding the bus at Rio shouldn’t be trouble if you don’t speak portuguese

We hope our advise helped you on how to reach easily to your destination, if you have any questions or doubts in regard our article please feel free to write us at

Parque Nacional da Tijuca is the park were Cristo Corcovado is. Check out more info about the location, prices and more, here:

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