‘Shithole’ countries in our bucket list that should be in yours too

Last Thursday, President of The United States, Donald Trump had a meeting with lawmakers in the Oval Office and reportedly said that the US dismissed the idea of having more immigrants from shithole countries like Haiti, El Salvador, and even an entire continent: Africa.

As latinos and part of an active travel community, we are sorry that the United States is poorly represented internationally by having such an individual acting as president of a powerful nation.

We couldn’t agree with the idea of thinking that those amazing countries and continent were disrespected so bad, so we decided to elaborate a list of those shithole countries and cities that we would love to visit, and also to share some interesting facts about them.

El Salvador

Photo by Oswaldo Martinez on Unsplash

El Salvador is located in Central America and it has the oldest capital city of the region: San Salvador, founded in 1524. It has one of the world’s top surf spots: El Tunco beach. They are also the creators of one of our favorite international dishes: pupusas, a corn or rice patty, filled with mashed beans, cheese, chicken or chicharrón (crispy pork belly).

Did you know that their official currency is the american dollar? -don’t worry, we are sure that President Trump doesn’t knows that either.

According to the “World Happiness Report of 2017”, El Salvador is one of the happiest countries in the world. It occupies the 45th position in this rank, above from countries like Poland, Italy, Japan and South Korea.

One of the perks of visiting El Salvador, is that every destination is by far, four hours away from San Salvador. Minutes away from the city, you’ll get to amazing natural landscapes.

What you can’t miss? Joya de Cerén, Santa Ana, Tazumal, Suchitoto, Lake Coatepeque, Ruta de Paz, Cerro Verde National Park and Ruta de las flores.


Photo by Lina Loos on Unsplash

Although Africa is a whole continent, Mr. Trump decided to refer to an entire region of the world as part of his shithole countries, so we’ll mention some of the destinations that we’d love to visit to make things clear about the diversity and beauty of this continent.

During the early Mesozoic Era, Africa was attached to all the other continents to form one gigantic continental landmass called Pangea. Pangea later broke apart to form the world’s continents as we know them today. That’s why it is commonly said that we all come from Africa.

It is home to The Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, located along the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, definitely one of the places we should add to our bucket list. Another of those magnificent places located in this continent, is the Sahara Desert, the world’s largest hot desert. Can you believe that this desert is as big as China or the United States? we bet that is something that Trump doesn’t knows either.

Should I mention some of the marvels in this continent (besides from the ones already mentioned)? Well, here I go: Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, the Nile River, that passes through 10 countries, Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx in Egypt, Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa is one of the most photogenic beaches in the world, Jemaa el Fna in the Old City of Marrakesh in Morocco is an exciting town square were you could find from snake charmers to orange juice vendors,  Sossusvlei Dunes in Namibia, Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya, were you could watch one of the most amazing natural spectacles: flamingos in the sky, Nxai Pan National Park in Botswana, great if you want to see cheetahs, lions and large herds of giraffes.

I know that there’s a vast list of things to do and places to visit in Africa, but this requieres us paying a visit to the first continent of the world, we’ll be glad to do that any time soon and tell you more about it.


Photo by Caleb George on Unsplash

Haiti is the third largest country in the Caribbean, after the Dominican Republic and Cuba, which is the largest. Did you know that Haiti is the second oldest independent nation in the Western Hemisphere, after the United States? amazing!

The United States is Haiti’s biggest trade partner. More than half of Haitian imports come from the United States, and more than 80% of its exports go to the United States… ironically, the president of their biggest business partner thinks they are a shithole.

Haiti is filled with beautiful historical monuments and turquoise water beaches.

What you can’t miss? Citadelle Laferriere, Bassin Bleu, Jacmel and Parc National La Visite.


Photo by Rowan Heuvel on Unsplash

We were not mentioned by President Trump in his meeting, but as a Latin American country, we are probably a shithole as well, specially since he thinks that the US gifted the Panama Canal to us. The truth is that Panama is one of the fastest growing economies of the American continent, we have some of the most amazing skylines in the world, as well as beaches and countryside that would take your breath away.

Expats love our country for a reason! Panama is considered the best country in the region to choose as a living place for retirees. We are all about girl power. According to The International Labour Organization, Panama is one of the top countries in the world with women in decision-making-roles in the business industry (47.4% managers and CEO’s). Panama is also home to The Panama Canal, one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World (the same one I mentioned Trump regret gifting us), and is run by panamanians since 1999.

I’m proud of being from a shithole country, how about you?

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