Valentine’s Day: 25 gift ideas for your beloved fellow traveler

I must confess that each year it becomes more of a challenge getting a gift for Uly at Valentine’s Day, but taking advantage that we both love traveling I decided to share with you all some things that we would like to receive as a gift for valentines day due to the fact that we are Travelers. No doubt your beloved one would love these gifts as well.

1- The Big Trip – Lonely Planet

This book inspired us to travel around the world. I think it’s a great romantic gift if what you’re looking for is planning to travel around the world with your partner. Buy it here.

2- Scratch the World Map – Maps international

If you’ve done some epic travel through time, this is the perfect way to show off your trophies. The scratch map allows you to scratch in a world map all the countries you have visited. Buy it here. 

3- You are here: A mindful travel journal.

This journal is specially designed to keep note of every memory that you cherish during your travel. Do you know what is mindfulness? It is the art of being conscious of every moment of your life, and what a better way of doing it than while traveling?. This journal is a very special detail that will make this an unforgettable Valentine’s gift. Buy it here.

4- World Map Watch Unisex

A watch is always a good idea to impress. Specially if it’s a watch designed exclusively for travelers. This nice detail is custom made for men and for women as well. No doubt a cute reminder of your epic travels. Buy it here.

5- Passport holders for couples

If you are married or soon to a honeymoon, this detail is quite romantic. These passport holders label for Mr. and Mrs. 

It’s quite cute don’t you think?. Buy it here.

6- Bracelet with travel charms for HER

This is one of my favorites on the list! I love this bracelet and it’s obviously for girls ha ha. There’s no better gift for us than girly accessories. Buy it here. 

7- World map wood case for cell phones

This neat wooden case protects your cell phone and has carved a detailed world map (no doubt a traveler accessory to impress the rest).

Available for iphone 7 & 8 plus. Buy it here.

8- Cafflano, portable coffee maker

If your partner is just like me, someone who loves good coffee and can’t live without it at her travels, definitely “Cafflano” is a hit present. This device allows to grind and filter coffee wherever you are, making your experience the best. Buy it here.

9- Go2Towel

Believe it or not, a towel is a very important accessory for travels. Specially if you’re planning to go as a backpacker and heading to hostels. We use the Go2Towel because they are lightweight and dries in minutes, this is great if you’re going to cold weather countries. Buy it here. 

10- Universal travel adapter

Another important accessory for your trips are the travel adapters, specially when you travel to destinations where outlets are not the same as in your country. It is a must that all travelers should have. Buy it here.

11- Electronic appliance organizer

If your partner travels with lots of electronic appliances this is a good option for Valentine’s day. This organizer is compact and allows you to carry your camera, power banks, cell phone, flashlights, batteries, etc. 

Pretty much all your electronic gear in one place. Buy it here.

12- Adventure scrapbook

It’s true that nowadays lots of people don’t even print pictures anymore, but having a scrapbook can be a treasure for both you and your partner. The kit will allow you to have a personalized album of your travel photos, as a matter of fact, it is also something that you could both build up and work together to cherish those beautiful moments. Buy it here.

13- Travel accessories bundle 6 in 1

We liked this kit so much because it’s perfect for both men and women and it has a lot of necessary things for when you are traveling. It comes with a digital luggage scale, a lock for your luggage (approved by TSA), night shades for sleeping, universal travel adapter, ear plugs and a transparent passport protector. All in one! Buy it here.

14- Cute shoes with map print for GIRLS

These shoes by Hot Chocolate will make any travel girl want to buy them. Besides the fact that they look fancy and comfortable it also transmits your inner passion for “Traveling the world”. Buy it here.

15- FitBit Charge 2

I’m a loyal user of Fitbit since the day Uly bought my first one. Unfortunately I lost it, but since I became so attached on tracking my daily physical activity I had to buy a new one immediately. 

Currently I use the Fitbit Charge 2, which compared to the old one, has a watch, heart rate monitor, and a lot of other cool features excellent for monitoring your partner’s health.

Recommended for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. Buy it here.

16- TranSay Simultaneous translator

We saw how this simultaneous translator worked in the Internet and we felt in love with it.

TranSay allows you to translate conversations in different languages including Mandarin, Arab, Spanish, German, English, and many more. All these languages will help you travel anywhere you want to go with your partner without the necessity of learning the local language. Buy it here.

17- ATOMI power tower

It’s a perfect gift for sharing. The a ATOMI power tower allows you to connect four devices so they can charge simultaneously. It’s a very useful gift, specially if you’re traveling with lots of different electronic devices such as cameras. Buy it here.

18- Airbnb gift card

This gift is equivalent as staying in a hotel, just that it will work for your future travels. We love that it’s electronic and it is something that you could share as a couple. Buy it here.

19- Packing organizer for luggages

If your partner has a hard time packing or is one of those that when you reach to the destination can’t find his stuff or tends to lose them, this is the perfect gift. It is great for keeping everything organized and handy. Buy it here.

20- A great backpack to carry inside the cabin

We liked this backpack because it has a lot of compartments totally necessary when traveling and it allows you to carry a laptop. Becoming quite handy for traveling. Buy it here.

21- Night shades for sleeping

Bedtime bliss sleeping shades promises comfort and total obscurity, besides it’s soft tact.

It comes with earplugs and a portable bag for carrying it wherever you go. Buy it here.

22- Action camera

Yes, GoPro is one of the best action cameras in the market, but lets be honest, we all don’t have $400 to invest in one. The truth is that inside the market for these type of cameras it’s quite competitive and there’s already good options for better prices than the actual GoPro. Like this one. Buy it here.

23- Power bank

No doubt one of the items that your partner will use the most will be this one. This 30,000 MAh power bank will allow you to charge all your electronic devices wherever you go. Buy it here.

24- Portable Sega game player

For that fellow gamer traveler, this portable Sega game player will be an excellent gift. You can take your gamer passion to wherever you go with this gadget collection. Buy it here.

25- Portable clothes steamer

If your partner travels a lot for business or simply likes to have his/her clothes neat and firm, this gift will go perfect. We are talking about a portable steamer that will ensure your partner’s clothes are always neatly ironed. Buy it here.

We hope these suggestions run helpful at the moment of choosing a special gift for your beloved one at Valentine’s Day. 

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