Are you an OCT (obsessive-compulsive traveler)? These items are a must for you

Uncomfortable when sharing tight spaces in a plane? Double checking if your fork and knife are clean enough before eating? Stressed when not having a bag with enough pockets? If you suffer or panic from all these, chances are you are an obsessive-compulsive traveler, or as we decided to prefer to call it: an OCT.

But what does this mean?

We invented the term “OCT”, based con the Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), a mental disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions), and behaviors that drive them to do something over and over (compulsions). Often the person carries out the behaviors to get rid of the obsessive thoughts. But this only provides short-term relief. Not doing the obsessive rituals can cause great anxiety and distress.

Traveling, believe it or not is a big challenge for all obsessive-compulsive travelers. Things that may seem quite normal for any average person can be a trigger to bringing its worst nightmare.

So we have been thinking what’s best for you all and decided to make a list of travel accessories to help you cope with that stress. This will definitely help you have everything under control and make your journey as peaceful as possible.

Read carefully and identify which type of OCT are you:

The organizer freak OCT:

Needs to have everything organized as neat as possible. Each item must fit perfectly in their bag and they have to make sure they don’t leave anything unpacked, otherwise, chaos will arise. Here are some items that will help fulfill your organizing obsession:

Packing cubes travel luggage organizer with shoe bag

When traveling some of us like to keep our shirts, pants and socks separated neatly in different bags. The vacuum bags can be an option, but for some it just seems complicated and sometimes wrinkles your clothes.

This travel organizer comes with four different size bags and a laundry bag (which also works as a shoe bag). What more can you ask! These packing cubes promises NO MESS on your trip. Buy it here!

Small travel electronics cable organizer bag for hard drives, cables, charger

Nowadays with so much dependance on our tablet, cellphone, power bank, etc. we have less space in our pockets to put them.

If you like to keep your important devices in reach and organized, this is the perfect case. It even comes with a special SD card pouch, and many pockets with zippers to avoid loosing them. Buy it here!

Silicone reusable fastening cable Strap wire organizer

Part of being a new generation traveler is being surrounded by usb cables. Don’t be part of the cable mess nightmare and keep your cables organized and tidy in a place with your 20 pack cable strap wire organizers.
It comes multi-color wires and works for cables of all sizes. Buy it here!

Collapsible silicone travel bottle

I understand you! A bottle of water can seem quite bulky to take when traveling, but what if you can fold it? No more organizing problem with your foldable traveling water bottle. It is BPA free and easy to clean. Buy it here!

All-in-one international universal travel adapter

Not only it is a universal travel adapter, but as well a 4-port USB Charger.
Two awesome features in one whole adapter with the capability of charging your lap top and the rest of your electronic devices at the same time. Buy it here!


Travel toiletry bag cosmetic organizers with hanging hook

Feel the urge of bringing all your lotions, creams and make up when traveling? This travel toiletry cosmetic organizer perfect for men and women will keep everything organized during your wanderlust adventures. Not only that but it comes with a hanger so you can just open your toiletry and hang it wherever you go. Buy it here!

The cleaning OCT

You are obsessed with impeccable surfaces, pristine bed sheets and all relatable to it, specially when traveling. Everything must be stellar clean, otherwise you’ll have a panic attack.

Lets face the reality, it is nearly impossible to keep everything immaculate as you’d like. But there’s a solution, you can take this matter by your own hands and carry with you all the items necessary to accomplish that state of cleanliness that you love. Here are some ideas:

UV light smartphone sanitazer

No matter how many times you wash your wands, you will always expose yourself to germs at places you least expect like your cellphone, keyboard, tooth brush and more. So how to clean them? Your GERMISE STERILIZER WAND will do the job. No more smelly and wet towels which only mess up the devices and pollute the environment, plus it can be carried in your pocket or purse and you are good to go. Buy it here!


Reusable liquid free touchscreen cleaner for smartphones and tablets

Hate how fingerprints collects easily at your touchscreen? We introduce you “iroller”, a liquid free touchscreen display cleaner that simplifies your life with an easy roll-on without spraying liquid or spending on dozens of disposable wipes. Buy it here!


Non-slip foldable travel  shower flip-flops

Using public showers at hostels or even at a gym can expose your feet to fungus and give you a hard time. That’s why these lightweight easy to travel sandals is what you need in your life. Its design makes it comfortable and also easy to carry at your back pack/suitcase when traveling. Buy it here!


Women’s and men’s disposable underwears

Something basic as doing laundry when traveling can be a hassle, especially when we are talking about under wears. Say good bye to those washing problems with your sterilized disposable underwear 5 pcs. pack, they’re 100% cotton and comfortable to use.

When finished using them, only toss them at the garbage and wear a new one. Buy it here! There are for men as well… buy it here.


Mini pop-up utility container with built in storage strap

Why spend money or harm our planet with trash bags when you can travel with your foldable portable eco friendly trash can. It is quite easy to carry and fold back to your back pack/luggage when finished. Buy it here!


Portable clothes steamer

This travel friendly steamer not only will make your ironing easier but it works if you want to sterilize clothes, sheets, blankets, and pillows. It is lightweight, safe and heats up only in two minutes. Buy it here!


Deodorizing body wipes for adults, personal cleansing and bathing cloths

Too many hours in a plane or in the airport can make you feel kind of dirty and sticky. Don’t worry, the care touch body wipes will come to your rescue.
Use it in place of a bath, shower or sink and still get that fresh, clean feeling afterwards. Buy it here!

The security OCT 

Security of your personal items is your top priority when traveling. You often use the safe box in your hotel room or would even pay to use one if there’s no one available in the place you are staying, If you are always worried about someone stealing your money or credit card, these items will make your travels the safest ones.

Hair brush diversion safe stash with smell proof bag

We all get scared to be pocket picked when traveling, but what if I told you that your regular hair brush can be your solution. A hair brush? Yes, this beauty article is actually a safe stash for your cash and other small objects. Not only your money will be protected but it meets with beauty purposes as well. Buy it here!


Traveler’s token 3 Coins/God protect us as we travel

Beautiful token reminder that God protects you wherever you travel. Great for carrying when traveling or also given as a gift to a friend/ family member. Buy it here!

Credit card holder money clip

Organize, protect and select your cards with this original minimalist travel wallet. Traveling with your wallet now has become easier and safer than ever. Enjoy its practicality with its interchangeable icon pads for easy card labeling. Buy it here!


TSA approved luggage locks

Definitely the perfect locks for traveling. With its special flexible cable design it fits perfectly through back packs, luggages, even lockers when staying at hostels.
TSA approved and comes with two locks. Buy it here!


Master Lock Personal Safe

Do you feel like better leaving some personal stuff but not sure about how safe it is at your hotel/ hostel ? This combination portable safe promises you safety and more. Not only is easy to travel but it also comes with an integrated metal wire for locking it any where. Buy it here!


Anti theft waterproof travel backpack with USB charging port

With your new anti theft travel back pack your belongings will be far away from being robbed. It is an excellent back pack for carrying laptop for work/blogging/studying and comes with integrated USB port to plug in your power bank with any devices you’re charging. No worries about buying a lock, it comes already with an integrated anti-theft lock. Buy it here!

We really hope some of the items on this list are useful for your obsessive compulsive traveler’s disorder. I must confess that the one’s I need the most are for helping me keep everything organized, since I’m a little bit of a mess while traveling.

What about you, which kind of OCT are you? for any questions, feel free to contact us at

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